Some of what we have done and can do...

Project Management
Eliminate profit-margin shrinkage
Develop PM standards and systems
Improve turnover from estimating
Create contract writing standards
Standardize submittal system
Improve scheduling system
Improve change-order management
Develop job closeout system

Field Management & Production
Improve time-card system
Manage job-cost tracking system
Update scorecards for foremen and supervisors
Upgrade scheduling and logistics
Eliminate callbacks and punch-list
Improve safety management
Standardize field meeting agendas
Set standard job and crew rules
Systemize equipment management

Accounting & Administration
Upgrade software
Provide timely financial results
Improve collections system

Real Estate/Realtor Support

Property research

Coordination with city's and governmental bodies

Coordination with contractors

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Some of what we have done and can do...

Management Team
Set regular meeting schedules
Develop a management team
Delegate responsibilities to team
Develop and track company goals
Review financial results monthly

Develop accurate estimates
Upgrade estimating software
Maintain job-cost history
Standardize burden rates
Standardize change order time and materials rates
Eliminate missed items
Improve subcontractor and supplier coverage

Business Development & Sales
Improve bid-hit win ratio
Acquire better customers
Seek higher margin work
Bid against less competition
Manage customer relationship program
Manage referral program
Improve proposal and presentations

Organizational Chart
Develop accountable job descriptions
Articulate a clear chain of command
Eliminate poor performers
Hire positions needed
Improve staffing responsibilities
Develop better hiring system
Implement hiring incentive plan
Manage training program
Execute employee review system
Implement a results-based incentive program


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Cities & Counties
  • ​Water, Sewer, Utility districts
  • More

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  • DRE Developer Services
  • Encroachment Permits
  • Entitlements
  • Permits: Grading, Landscaping, Building, Occupancy, Solar, Walls/Fences, Water/Sewer, Traffic Signal and more

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  • Project Management
  • Processors/Runners
  • Site Improvements
  • Tract Maps
  • ​Planning applications
  • Environmental Health applications

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Starting at $50/month

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