Plan Design

Plan design by an experienced designer, signed off by a licensed architect.

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Building Plans Submittal

Review, application, submittal and follow up to approval. Does not include fees.


We handle and assist in handling plans, permits and related activities through local jurisdictions throughout Southern California.

  • Cities & Counties
  • ​Utility districts
  • ​Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Plan drafting and design
  • Planning, Building, Health, PW applications
  • ​Project Management
  • Permits: Grading, Landscape, Building, Wall/Fence, Water/Sewer, Solar, Signage, and more
  • HOA Application landscape Plan drafting
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Since 2009, the back office consortium for the construction industry, handling sales, accounting, administration, plans/permits and more.

Building Permit Issuance

Review, application, submittal and follow up to permit issuance. Does not include fees.